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  • In a matter of seconds I usually go from “Life is beautiful” to “I’m so lost”
  • Feelings are so so so so so so scary
  • I have overloaded myself this semester and have no way to back down
  • Spirituality is casually appearing around my life
  • Right now I really love cereal and that’s all I’m really certain about

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Yoga today really helped me calm the storm inside my head.

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i want this framed and above my bed tbh


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I should be sleeping.

Super cutie.

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Got a s/o from my babies loveandfolly and brauerpower today via krui. Today was grand.

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Americano for Abby

Babe babe babe baaaaabe. I never have words cuz ughghghghghgh.

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Hammock - I Can Almost See You [x]

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